Animal Feeds

Animal Feeds Division


Vitamin Mineral Premix
A special vitamin and mineral premix with the special inclusion of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol that improves the hardness of the shell and bone development of the birds.


A mix of Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and trace elements administered in drinking water which support and strengthen the skeleton of the birds and egg shells.



Enzymes are catalyst for specific chemical reactions.  These can also be found in animal feeds/pet foods.


Thermostable hemicellulases – is an inherently thermostable xylanase produced by Trichoderma reesei developed for use in animal feeds. It also contains other side activities such as ß-glucanase, cellulose, and amyloglucosidase, which makes it very efficient in the digestion of plant material.

Hemicellulases – an enzyme preparation produced using a strain of Trichoderma reesei. It’s main activity is xylanase and contains side activities of ß-glucanase, cellulose, and amyloglucosidase. It assists the digestive system of monogastric animals by breaking down NSPs.

Phytases – is a 6-phytase from E. Coli. It liberates phytase-bound phosphate (P) from raw materials of plant origin thus improving the availability of phosphorus and other phytate-bound nutrients for monogastric animals.

Thermostable phytases – A new generation thermostable phytase developed for use in poultry and pig diets, which increases the digestibility of phytin-bound phosphorus and other dietary nutrients.



A synergistic combination of organic, inorganic acids and Volatile Fatty Acids in free form or as salts easy to dissociate in both powder  and liquid form.
A combination of gluconic and benzoic acid that encourages and supports the growth and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Natural growth promotant, and feed preservatives composed of propionic acid, lactic acid, formic acid and essential oils.

     Mold Inhibitor

This are feed additives used to minimize mold contamination and prevent mold growth, thereby minimizing the risk of having mycotoxin-producing molds proliferate in grain or feed. Feed additives commonly used for this purpose include propionic acids and other organic acids.

Composed with dipropionates and diformiates which has a very good advantage in controlling mold growth and contamination on both raw materials and finished feeds.
Toxin Binder

Made up of Clipnotilolite with small alveolar structure with dipolar characteristic that assures a high percentage of absorption of mycotoxins.


It helps improve feed intake, feed conversion ratio, growth rate, reproductive efficiency, and better immunity.




Liquid nutritent electrolytes – liquid nutritional supplement composed of Vitamins and Minerals administered in drinking water to support the animals during the growth critical phase and reproduction.

LIvertonic/hepatoprotectant – liquid and powder nutritional supplement composed of plant extracts, sorbitol and methionine to protect and support the liver functions.

Drying powder – the vital drying powder used for piglets composed of Eucalyptus, mineral silicates and essential oils that protects the piglet from temperature loss after birth.

Parasite control – a natural product composed of different eseential oils and vegetal extracts that helps fight against red mites.

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