Ingredients Division

Milk powder (SMP, WMP, BMP, DWP, etc..).  This is a dairy product made by drying milk for longer shelf life.  Commonly used in infant formulas, confectionaries and baking products.
Casein is internationally recognized for its functional property for its cheese analogue application.




Used to create flavors for food and personal care products to meet the desired taste of consumers

Beverage Emulsion & Drink Concentrate

Enhances the appearance and taste of all kinds of beverages





Potato Flour
It is made from ground potatoes.  It is in form if a powder.  Usually used as a thickener and as a gluten-free alternative to wheat based flour.  Some used it as a coating for deep fry foods.




Nutrient Premixes
A customized mixture of desired functional ingredients found in one product mixture.






These are catalyst for specific chemical reactions. 
These are used to produce and increase the quality of our food.





It is considered as an organic acid necessary for the various systems in body to function well.  Usually found in energy drinks and milk powder.


Functions as a thickening agent and
it is also used to control the consistency of a product.

Cocoa Powder
This is used as an ingredients in many kinds of food and beverage.






Peanut Powder, Peanut Paste, Frozen Peanuts & Whole Peanuts are available to suit your baking / commercial needs





Natural Colors
Color makes food more appetizing and attractive.  Natural food colors is used to offset the colors in food that are lost due to various natural conditions.




Spices come from dried parts of fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots or barks. This is used for flavoring, preserving and coloring foods.


Egg Powder
Considered as an alternative to fresh eggs which is more convenient to use and store.  It is a fully dehydrated eggs often used in baking and cooking purposes.

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