Industrial Division


Hydroxyesters; HEMA; Alkyl/aryl(meth)acrylates; Crosslinkers; Ether methacrylates;Aminofunctional monomers; Methacrylamides; Specialty methacrylates;
Intermediate products
Versatile properties make methacrylate monomers the product choice for a variety of applications.
Methacrylate monomers offer functionality and flexibility to solve specific application and performance challenges.  These can be found everywhere and when it comes to specialties - that's where VISIOMER's innovative solutions really shine!


Safety Shoes

It is a boot or a shoe with a protective reinforcement in the toe and mid sole area.  This is used in the construction industry and industrial plants.





This is a synthetic foodgrade extreme pressure gear oil suitable for lubricating all enclosed gear sets and splashed systems used in the food processing industry.
These are premium white aluminum complex greases suitable for rolling element bearings, gears and coupling of machineries used in the food processing plants.


Also known as gums are usually added in food to control their functional properties. The market is segmented into gelatin, xanthan gum, starch, carrageenan and others. Most hydrocolloids require raw materials to be sourced from seaweeds, plants, animals and microorganisms.






"Shell and seaweed stockpoto image courtesy of Simon Houden at;safety shoes image courtesy of James Barker/; helmet & construction image courtesy of khunaspix/"