Food and Beverage

Flavourings are used to create flavors for food that doesn't have the desired food taste.  It is also used to change the flavors of natural food products to the desired taste of the consumers.

Enzymes are catalyst for specific chemical reactions.  These are used to produce and increase the quality of our food.  Products that use enzymes are cheese and yoghurt to name a few.

Vitamin Mineral Premix
A customized mixture of desired functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides, neutraceuticals and herbs in one product mixture.
Cellulose ethers, methylcellulose (MC), or hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) are water soluble polymer derived from natural wood pulp, meeting all the requirements of the current USP, EP along with Kosher and Halal Certificate.
Milk Powders
A dairy product made by drying the milk for longer shelf life. Commonly used in infant formulas, confectionaries such as chocolates and candies and in baking products.
Egg Powder
This is considered as an alternative to fresh eggs which is more convenient to use and store.  This is a fully dehydrated eggs often used in baking and cooking purposes.




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