Asian Style Instant Noodles with Biospringer Yeast Extracts

Instant noodles are one of the largest segments within the ready meals category in Asia Pacific (APAC). With more than 100 billion servings consumed annually, instant noodles’ demand is growing every year. Meat flavor is one of the top flavors observed in instant noodles new product launches in the region, followed by Asian localized flavors and interestingly, spicy flavor has continued to lead the segment over the recent years. Consumers are always willing to discover and explore new flavors and at the same time, they are looking for healthier food with less salt and clean label claims like no preservatives and no E-numbers. Natural ingredients like Yeast Extract may just be the solution to correspond to these consumer needs.


With this, Biospringer has developed three key innovative taste concepts for Instant Noodles in APAC to highlight the benefits of Yeast Extract in each category and help satisfy the instant noodle taste expectations of consumers.


Download the recipe sheets here:


  1. Masala Flavored Instant Noodles: Intensify Spiciness
  2. Tonkotsu Flavored Ramen: Deliver Savoriness
  3. Green Curry Flavored Instant Noodles: Enrich Creaminess 


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